G8Way DC

Role at GGN: Project Manager and Project Designer (Design Lead, Rodrigo Abela)

Lt. Cmdr. Jim Remington

Robert Sillman Associates

Gateway DC

Gateway DC

Davis Brody Bond & GGN

G8Way DC is an urban park and pavilion within a historic hospital campus in Washington, DC. The pavilion serves both local residents and thousands of new federal workers moving into the area, helping to revitalize one of DC’s poorest neighborhoods. Food and market stalls within the Pavilion and adjacent food trucks make the site an attractive lunch spot and popular event space. The native plant garden at the base of the pavilion collects and stores the site’s stormwater for irrigation and provides an educational opportunity for children to learn about their local ecology.

INFO                                                                            Location: Washington, DC
Size: 3.5 acres
Clients: Deputy Mayor Office for Planning & Development, Department of General Services
Completion Date: 2013     

TEAM                                                                            Davis Brody Bond, LLP, Architect
Robert Sillman Associates, Structural Engineer
Kadcon Corp, Builder
GGN, Landscape Architect