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Rebecca has been passionate about gardens for as long as she can remember. As a toddler, she recited flower names; when she travels she knows a place through its plants; and as a designer, she brings this lifelong passion for plants to each project.

With an undergraduate degree in Studio Art and master degrees both in Architecture and in Landscape Architecture, Rebecca approaches each project with a broad curiosity and wide range of design tools. She honed her design skills working for seven years at GGN on large, complex urban projects such a museums, campus landscapes, corporate campuses, streetscapes, hotels, office towers, and parks, while being mentored by incredible designers and builders.

Rebecca visualizes a project both through drawing and 3D modeling, giving both her and the client the ability to see and understand the design before it is built. Her design process involves first listening and looking: what does the client want and what does the site offer; next, capturing key spatial relationships in a frame plan; and lastly, developing the details that make a garden welcoming, delightful, intimate, and cohesive.


Block Park combines strong design skills and attention to craft with specific expertise in Pacific Northwest planting.

We believe gardens can do more: more for us, more for the natural world, more for the sake of beauty. Gardens are an extension of our home, the ‘living room’ we share with the natural world.  

Working in a local context means each project is a collaboration with regional plant growers, local source materials, and craftspeople, as well as the neighborhood birds, bees, and insects that choose to make the garden their home.  

“the oldest task in human history [is] to live on a piece of land without spoiling it.”

Aldo Leopold